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The core of any successful business is correct financial decision making. Generally, businesses rely upon the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to make financial decisions on behalf of the business. The CFO also creates financial strategies, minimizes risk and potential tax liability, and increases the overall efficiency of the company. These services typically do not come cheap, as CFO’s can average $200,000+ in salary alone, not counting benefits. The immense cost of an experienced CFO is generally cost prohibitive to smaller companies and as a result financial growth can suffer without their expertise.
That’s where ABC CPA’s Virtual CFO Service comes into play. We will provide you with an experienced CPA with extensive knowledge in running the financials of a company of your size. This will allow you to take full advantage of having a CFO as needed, without having to pay the massive salary and benefits package to one as a full-time employee.
Our Virtual CFO Service provides the following:
  • Improve Efficiency of all Accounting and Financial Processes
  • Analytics-Based Financial Decision Making
  • Ongoing Analysis of Financials including Cash Flow and Income Statements
  • Minimize Tax Liability and Increase Tax Savings
  • Ongoing Training and Management of your Existing Staff
  • Facilitation of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Startups
  • Provide Liaison Services for Banks, Firms, Vendors, Insurance Agents, etc.
  • Expert Consultation and Financial Planning
  • Facilitation of Accounting Services from Our Accountants (if desired)
  • Identify Risk and Best Practices to Minimize Risk
All companies, no matter how big or how small, would benefit from the knowledge, insight, decision making, and analytics that a CFO provides. ABC CPA makes having a CFO easy, affordable, and completely on an as needed basis.
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