Personal and Business Tax Preparation

ABC CPA Firm makes doing your taxes quick, easy, and painless. We believe in taking advantage of every single possible tax strategy available to maximize your refund or minimize your tax liability.
We believe that proper tax planning is absolutely essential to ensuring the highest amount of money saved, combined with the lowest risk for an audit. However, in the rare event that a client does receive a random audit, we will represent them through all proceedings, making the process easy and stress-free.

Whether you are an individual, small business, or large corporation filing taxes, our CPA’s will find every single possible tax benefit that you qualify for. Additionally, we offer tax planning and analysis which will provide guidance on steps to take throughout the year to minimize ongoing tax liability. We will also optimize your financials to provide the best possible tax outlook moving forward.
We offer the following tax services for individuals and families:
  • Individual/Family Tax Returns (including self-employment)
  • Reevaluation of Prior Returns
  • Individual/Family Tax Planning
  • Setting up Payment Plans with the IRS
  • Audit Representation
We offer the following tax services for businesses:
  • S-Corporation Tax Returns
  • C-Corporation Tax Returns
  • LLC Tax Returns
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Sole Proprietorship Returns
  • Tangible Personal Property Tax Returns
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • 1099 Tax Returns (use of subcontractors)
  • Audit Representation
  • Business Tax Planning and Consulting
We offer competitive and flexible payment options for all of our services. We can provide hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and per-service pricing depending on your individual needs.
Don’t get caught up in an expensive audit by shortcutting your taxes. Let the professionals deal with the headache while you relax and de-stress.

Tax Planning, Guidance, and Optimization

Owe back taxes? Have extensive and complicated previous tax returns to go through? Want to save money moving forward? We can help you by managing or providing advice about your finances throughout the year to minimize potential tax liability.

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