Specialized Healthcare Accounting and Billing

Healthcare businesses can be among the most difficult and specialized to operate. Extensive regulations, business practices, reporting procedures, and accounting rules can make growing and operating one of these companies an extremely arduous task. The amount of care and knowledge of Healthcare Billing and Accounting Practices, Medicare Guidelines, Insurance Requirements, and constantly changing Governmental Regulations can be the difference between a profitable company and a failing one.
We offer the following Healthcare Accounting and Billing Services:
  • Creating of in-house Accounting and/or Billing Department(s)
  • Full Outsourced Accounting and/or Billing Services
  • Home Healthcare Management and Specialization
  • Financial Reviews and Audits
  • Company Restructuring and Optimization
  • Health Information Management
  • Billing and Accounting Software Integration
  • Comprehensive Efficiency Review
ABC CPA Firm’s healthcare professionals have 27 years of experience in various healthcare businesses including Hospitals, Medical Offices, and Home Health Agencies. No matter how big or small your healthcare company is, ABC CPA Firm can maximize your company’s potential.
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